Manual partitioning with luks and btrfs

In a VM I try to install an EOS with manual partitioning and having luks and btrfs.

In the installer in manual partioning it is possible to select LUKS for the new partition but that’s it.

Any idea? Do I have to create LUKS, btrfs and subvols manually and then mount it before invoking the installer?

What’s the layout your’re aiming for?

For example having a larger EFI partition.

Ok for this simple case there is cheating possible.

Before starting the installer edit /etc/calamares/modules/partition.conf and adjust the value for the size of the EFI partition. Then one can choose Erase disk with encrypt and btrfs.

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For future reference, all you need to do in manual partitioning as add an efi partition and mark it with the boot flag. Then add a btrfs partition assign it to / and click the encrypt checkbox. The installer will add the subvolumes to whatever partition is assigned the mountpoint of /


Yes, that’s simply what I did and it worked fine.

Thanks a lot @dalto That’s so funny. I saw btrfs and did not even try to select it because it looked wrong for me. Otherwise I would have seen that then after choosing btrfs the encryption possibility would have been offered. :slight_smile:

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