Manjaro to EndeavourOS experiences

@c00ter is here somewhere too…grumpy more than likely.


Manjaro has always seemed to be too light on the sysadmin side. Not a glorious job, but it does keep things running.

Hello @mandog
Weren’t you over at Antergos?

I have a feeling that the EOS team is aware of this and is keeping its hand on the pulse :shushing_face:
In this case, for me, less is better, more, and here is even less than in my favorite Antergos, which is good :grinning:.


@c00ter is here…lurking…and very grumpy.

Been on a movie binge on HBO Max in gasp Windows, since HBO’s engineers decided to use a more restrictive DRM a few days ago. And there’s no easy way of getting around it. User Agent spoofing doesn’t work. Some have reported using Windows in a VM, others that running a Chrome version for Windows in Wine-staging may work.

All-in-all, I’m glad that one of my 3 laptops still had Windows on it–for now–but I’ve cancelled my HBO Max subscription until they decide to (officially) support Linux. So, anyway, I’m mostly movie-binging until my subscription ends Aug. 26. :frowning:

So how’s your week been so far?


We had the exact same problem when moving to the new server @Alpix found the solution, it is a big flaw in Discourse, the images are saved in another file and aren’t automatically put back on the backup, it has to be done manually, but no Discourse manual is telling you that.


Welcome onboard! We can shake hands. I, too, test different distributions forever, though I consider myself less and less a distrohopper. :slight_smile:


Welcome on board!


You’re right, and that’s the reason I’ll settle here (for now).
…and thank you for the warm welcome, folks! :blush:


I think they still were visible to most users because of user side caching, we also had that.

Do you know if they still have the old install data? If yes I think I am able to help them. In the end I don’t know if they have the exact same problem, but if yes, I can help. I also offered them my help via Twitter, but up to now, nobody contacted me. Maybe they just don’t read reply tweets :joy:

So please point that out to to Phil @jonathon he should have my Mail ( mirror) or you can write me a pm if he needs other contact information…

I really want to help them, because loosing all images is hard… :grimacing:


I’m every where that is Arch based Linux waiting for the Spin that eclipses simple Arch, but Arch with a installer is not going to cut it.
Their is of course Garuda, it has all the tools the enthusiasm and the drive just needs users.
By the way this is written on EndeavourOS, Apart from Arch I always have at least 3 spins installed.


Always Knew you were a Windows Lover really Lol


I’m curious to try EndeavourOS; I’m mainly using Manjaro at the moment because I’m too lazy to set up Arch from scratch like I used to and the default setup (mainly the theme) is quite nice. What is the out of the box experience of EOS in comparison? Based on the description it seems like it requires more customization from the end user but the terminal focus doesn’t bother me (I’ve never used pamac for example).


Welcome! :rocket:

Very close, it’s as easy to install and use (if you choose online installation and other than XFCE DE - it might take longer to install, because requires downloading from internet)

Depends on your DE choice and taste really, all DEs are shipped pretty much as is, with their native defaults :slight_smile:

And system itself is very close to Arch on how it behaves and maintains :wink:
It’s best to try in VM if you’re in doubt though, no need to go full metal from start :upside_down_face:


No, we dont, in fact we don’t even have the time to turn it into that. As said earlier, we even dropped features that Antergos was shipping, just to keep it managable.


Thanks mate, appreciate the reply. Hmm, that being the case I’ll see what extensions and theme Manjaro uses for gnome3 and maybe give EOS a whirl with those.

Both Manjaro and EndeavourOS are based on Arch, but Manjaro has its own repos, while EndeavorOS uses the Arch repos (apart from having an additional one for some useful utilities, scripts and some basic theming). This is a big difference.

On Manjaro, the repos are built from the Arch repos, but the Manjaro team modifies many packages, like kernels for example which are custom built for Manjaro (a lot of packages in the Manjaro repos contain customised settings and Manjaro-specific theming). A big difference is in updates: Manjaro has its own stable and testing branches which delay updates. For example, on Manjaro stable the updates are pushed maybe once in a couple of weeks, and they are huge, often several gigabytes.

On EndeavourOS you directly download packages from Arch mirrors, there is no middleman. You are basically running a pure Arch system. The updates are similar to Manjaro unstable branch, very frequent and small: there are new updates every day, sometimes several times a day. Of course, you don’t have to update straight away, you have full control over updates.

On EndeavourOS, just like on vanilla Arch, there is no MHWD, so you have to know which drivers you need. For older or more obscure hardware, the drivers might not be in the Arch repos, so you have to install them from the AUR. The same is true for older kernels: for example, if you want to run kernel 4.19, you have to install it from the AUR. On the other hand, unlike Arch, EndeavourOS has an additional repo with a handful of great scripts and utilities that can help you a lot in this regard. This additional repo also has yay so you don’t have to build it manually. Instead of Manjaro’s pacman-mirrors script, you use reflector (which is much better, actually) or you have to manually configure the mirrors.

The default install of EndeavourOS is much cleaner than Manjaro’s default install, though both can be customised, of course. Out of the box, EndeavourOS is very lean, has almost no bloat at all (no snapd, no Steam, no FreeOffice garbage), and very little theming (except for the offline Xfce install, if I’m not mistaken). It also does not do stuff behind your back (for example, there is no annoying pamac-timer service that automatically resets your mirror config every week, like on Manjaro).

What else? There is this forum, which is probably the best thing about EndeavourOS, a very friendly place with many users willing to help you. :smiley:


Oh and to @Kresimir’s point - if you don’t like frequency of updates, you can try @jonathon’s solution:


Hvala puno :slight_smile:

The more regular update cycle is good to hear. That’s a plus to me. Will definitely give it a try and see how it feels running on my system. I also wasn’t aware of the mirrorlist being reset on manjaro…that’s actually kinda annoying. At least I’m aware of it now in case my download speed tanks for updates.


Welcome guin