Manjaro is working on a Flatpak-focused version

I don’t think most appimages rely on systemd. Even if you prefer flatpak, they might be the better choice for your use case.

nix might be another option.


Do you even Arch?

Oddly enough, even more than I Endeavour.


It probably is a pamac-less version is what they meant! :thinking:

Heh pacman-less :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

Your moving this forum to Facebook? Say it ain’t so!
I can’t stand Facebook. Have not used it in 4 years. If you indeed are doing this, that is too bad…
:scream: :disappointed_relieved: :cold_sweat: :sob:

It was satire, my dude.


And live meetings with Microsoft Meet to be sure… :smiley:

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Rest assured, as @jiibus said, it was a joke. Just as us moving to Flatpak in April, the work on that would be awful for such a small team.


For April (1st) release you can manage it simply adding alias flatpack='yay' in .bashrc. :grin:
Then you can boast that you are also using flatpack.


No, Google.

I would say the dislike was for flatpacks more than for Manjaro. Posts are always harder than face-to-face conversations to decode.

Mind you, flatpacks are (probably) less ‘difficult’ than snaps - but the extra load time and appearance deficits in both are less than optimal, especially for a system with access to the AUR…

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Look at the picture!
It is not about flatpacks and snaps, it’s about hate speech.

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I put in five years of testing on Manjaro, and I definitely did my fair share of helping out on the forums. This was all done under the impression that Manjaro was a Community Driven distro…I wonder where I got that idea. Well when all of the stuff went down with Jonathon (and please don’t say there are two sides to this story…when misuses of funds are at stake I am inclined to believe the whistleblower versus someone whose actions have continually reinforced the issues raised by the whistleblower), it became clear that Manjaro was no longer a Community Driven distro, but was pivoting to becoming an Arch based Ubuntu. I bailed, so this is not flies on shit, this is simply the fruition of comments many of us made when it happened. While I do not hate Manjaro, I certainly don’t wish it well. Something built under false pretences, using untold free labor hours given by the community, certainly does not deserve any well wishes.


Burst the Bubble!


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There’s no secret in the world about my thoughts on the project at this point. They were at least nice enough to anonymize my user account so my name isn’t associated with that train wreck.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. . .


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last time folks…


This is what happens when trust in breached in an open source project through a series of questionable, self serving decisions.

Unfortunately the head of this snake has breached community trust so many times that there is no way back for nearly all community members burned.

In any open source project trust is key.

Only way to redemption is a new snake head, but that won’t happen any time soon.


We all know why.