Manage Autostart Gui for Deepin?

Ok so desktop links can be dropped into ~/.config/autostart and they will run but it’s a bit much to expect of a new user so what would be a good gui to include with deepin to manage the autostart for users? I see some for openbox, fluxbox etc but all those are gtk based where a qt one would be most beneficial but I’m not sure if it can be isolated from kde.

I’m not sure, but doesn’t the file manager have a ‘make autostart’ item in it? I’ll have to go have a look…

It does but as we already discussed it was totally useless for adding an entry that needed parameters and expecting a newbie to write a shell script is even more unrealistic.

Well - not to be elitist - I am not sure that anybody who can’t get that concept needs to be running anything arch-based. I find that any efforts to make things easier lead to limitations - exhibit A being the Mac! Deepin certainly has some oddities from the same mindset.

While that MAY be true for “arch” I’m not sure it’s true for endeavouros. They seem to want to provide a good starting point and that would include being able to actually add apps that need parms. Maybe deepin 20 adds that along with a network and cpu monitor that works…maybe it doesn’t. You are saying it’s not worth the effort to provide a tool for deepin that almost all the over desktop environments DO provide out of the box. If they are coming together on what packages to include with all the DE’s then that should also include a similar feature set starting out. Heck I could write a bash shell script that would let a use specify the command and parms and add it to an “” file but I haven’t done enough to do it with a gui although it might be a decent python project but I see no reason to reinvent the wheel. I’m pretty sure one of the other DE has a tool with minimal depencencies that would fulfill the task.

Actually - with a little yad practice you probably could produce something pretty good. It IS strange that the .desktop files don’t appear to properly accept parameters - or to ignore them when present! I have no idea how they manage that. Even odder, they appear to have expected them to work, as the ‘automatic’ .desktop entry for conky includes a –pause=1 parameter!

The whole setup still has weirdnesses - such as the lock screen does not accept passwords, and requires a reset to get out…

Let’s hope the new version is a bit more capable!

Never forgeth the Netinstaller is just a startpoint

Most DE has a autostart. except gnome trimmed down but is stil possible.

it is deepin desktop self

we support in a way everyone can install it from a point but basicly endeavouros is stil not a easy os in a way. this is what deepin does and it know probably in future they will add those feature but they are more busy on the design then some functionality.

you can install dex as example.

Create a DesktopEntry for a programs in autostart directroy.

dex -t ~/.config/autostart -c /usr/bin/skype /usr/bin/nm-applet

if it comes or something i dont know dont know who further use deepin