Malware in snap store: Exodus a crypto app

An malicious app called Exodus a crypto app, made its way on the snap store. The official Exodus never made a snap version!


So much for Canonical’s app screening… assuming they even had that in place? :eyes:


Very nice report. :handshake:
There’s also good news of the “nouveau” driver! :horse_racing:


I’ve been telling you for years: don’t use snaps.

This is almost impossible when using the AUR, if you’re careful. But you have to check where the software is coming from. Look at the popularity of the package: if it’s not a very popular package, be very cautious, triple check everything. Same thing when packages are orphaned: be very cautious when somebody adopts them and they receive their first update after awhile. That’s the best time to include malware.

Malware on Linux is not as big of a problem as on some niche gaming systems, but it exists and it’s pretty dangerous, especially because we often let our guard down.

EDIT: I took the liberty of editing the topic title to include the words: “Malware in snap store:”. It should be better for catching people’s attention.


Another reason I stay away from container apps. They have their place just not on my machine.

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I wonder if there are any “pesky rascals” hiding out on Flathub at the moment :thinking:

I’m almost sure there are.