Making the most out of trackpad gestures: dragging, scrolling, etc?

Hi there,

As a former macOS user, I was very happy to go full linux, but also a bit frightened of the upcoming losses using the trackpad.

I use KDE Plasma (if that matters), and I settled on the default X11 instead of Wayland, in order to use to very good aur/touchegg + aur/touché packages (and could customize it further than the macOS experience, exploiting pinches, to my great pleasure!). I got back up to 90% of the usability of the trackpad adding the package aur/libinput-three-finger-drag to drag with 3 fingers.

The 10% remaining is the scrolling experience (plus the ability to rotate pdf/images but that’s more a detail), which is not bad, but not good neither (jumps, not kinetic, not much acceleration). This specific point was much improved using the former package xf86-input-synaptics, but I have lost the drag capabilities (with the libinput extension).

For people like me that do not wish to downgrade their trackpad gesture experience (or even upgrade it), do you have any tips? What has been your experience?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I moved from kde to gnome because of the gestures. I had touchegg setup and it worked well, it just wasn’t as good I know switching to gnome isn’t exactly the best option, but that’s what sold me.

Thank you for your feedback. I would appreciate details on the gestures possibilities in Gnome if you can.