Make i3 work like awesomewm for multi-monitor workspaces

Can I make i3’s multiple monitor workspaces work like awesome manages workspaces on multiple monitors where each monitor has its own independent set of workspaces.

Yes. Do you mean something like this?

Edit: the i3 config from EOS on git has already a nice script based on the user guide above, you can uncomment and add your own screen names in the code below. Find your screen names using arandr via gui or xrandr in the terminal.

# use workspaces on different displays:
# where you have to replace VGA-0/HDMI-0 with the names for your displays
# you can get from xrandr command
#workspace $ws1 output VGA-0
#workspace $ws2 output VGA-0
#workspace $ws3 output HDMI-0
#workspace $ws4 output HDMI-0
#workspace $ws5 output HDMI-0
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