Mail Watcher & Fractional Scaling

  1. Confused how fractional scaling works with xfce 4.16. Shouldn’t 1.5X setting increase resolution? when I select 1.5X it shrinks resolution. I always need to use custom settings and set it to about .7X.

  2. Using mail watcher for incoming email and use mplayer to play a .wav notification new email but the audio plays back broken up. It plays and stops (stutters) as it’s playing.

Any help would be appreciated.


I made note of that anomaly on its arrival - and it IS an anomlay as it still operates in the ‘expected’ direction if chosen in Settings/Appearance/Scaling. At least the setting seems persistent, so it can be worked with…

Personally, I had worked out reasonable changes in dpi and font size and theming to be able to live without it - and I make use of its ‘backward’ functionality to scale my second monitor to show ‘more’ than it has resolution for. This lets me keep similar sizing on both monitors (useful when dragging something from one to the other) and gives more ‘real estate’ for free! :grin:

I suspect the effect will be redirected soon - but am amazed how few have noted it online with the searches I have done on the matter!

Sorry - no comment on mail watcher - no knowledge…

I found the same thing. If you go into appearance under fonts and change DPI to a higher value. So if it is 96 DPI and you want to increase it to 125% then it would be set to 120. 150% would be 144 DPI

That’s what I was trying to avoid. Grrr!!!
I was so psyched to when I heard XFCE 4.16 was coming out with fractional scaling because I recently bought a hdpi monitor.

Yeah - I was expecting it to help make up for the CSD heresies (ok, overstatement) being committed - but, as I mentioned, at least it IS useful as is :grin: