MacbookPro 2012 Nvidia Driver install issues

Hey there, been a big fan of the Distro and the work you are doing for a good while. Recently some unfortunate circumstances in regards to my desktop forced me to switch to a Macbook Pro 2012 as my main computer and as MacOS Catalina runs sluggishly for my tastes I decided to install EndeavourOS. The wifi issue was quickly solved by a dongle but now my biggest hurdle is installing proprietary nvidia drivers to squeeze the absolute most out of the performance of the 650M Geforce Mac Edition which this laptop has. I tried using the nvidia-install-dkms utility you have on your repos and I tried with both the bumblebee and without it but to no success, even with the 390xx drivers. In the best case scenario it just throws me to a tty screen which allows me to use timeshift so I can return back but in the worst case scenario it just freezes as soon as it reaches the boot output screen forcing me to reinstall the system.
I would be glad to hear any solutions you might have if there are any, thank you very much.

Worth starting here: