Macbook pro '19 dualboot


So, I’ve got a macbook from my new employer and even though I was a bit disappointed it’s not M1 or M2 I was happy that it’s an Intel model so I can dual boot. Little did I know that macs are not that easy as other computers :slight_smile:

So I’ve found a few manuals and ended up trying installing the specific distro from

Normal distro doesn’t have macbook keyboard touchpad and wifi adapter support which is a bit complicated while I only have one usb-usb c adapter at the moment.

On the above mentioned repository you have two options:

  1. create iso by running the commands
  2. use premade iso from releases section.

When I follow the first route I can only get to this step:

And nothing else happens, live environment doesn’t boot.

If I follow the second route I’m able to boot into live environment but the installation doesn’t work as if I choose online installation I get different errors with pacman and pacstrap (?) even though I update mirrorlist, linuxkeychain and all packages (I’ve read about it in some EndeavourOS hot fix page).
During the offline installation I get errors as well.

Am I missing something? As I am able to boot into live environment I’m pretty sure everything is ok with disabling boot security.

It would be helpful to learn, what exact error messages you get during an offline install, as they can give hints to things not working. For a first run, I think offline install should be preferable to the online method.

Also, did you “eat” this site’s contents yet?

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Yepp, I’ve looked at it a few times. Unfortunately I can’t provide the exact error… As the installation was successful this time! I just burned the release section ISO once again, chose offline installation and chose English locale (first time when I was successful, I’ve chosen Russian locale but it was broken) and installation was done in few minutes. Afterwards booting into installed system I had to update linuxkeychain separately and then yay worked flawlessly for updating everything else.


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