MacBook Pro 13-Inch Early 2013 FacetimeHD Webcam is not working


The webcam on my Macbook Pro Retina 13’’ (MacBookPro10,2) is not working even though I followed instructions on the Arch wiki and installed A device /dev/video0 is created but I don’t get any video signal. (Running latest Linux kernel from arch repos)

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I might try?

Thanks a lot!

Maybe this helps?

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Thanks a lot for your message!

Actually I followed that guide but it is still not working.
v4l2-ctl --list-devices shows my device as "Apple Facetime HD (PCI:0000:02:00.0): /dev/video0 " but I can’t get the video to work in applications.

Maybe it’s connected with kernel 6.0 but that’s just my guess.

Hi Clang,

maybe this guide helps:

It shows, in which steps to install the facetimehd-driver, which you already downloaded.

After performing these steps you may need to reboot your MacBook - definitely necessary for my model, MacBook Pro Retina 13` Late 2013, MacBookPro11,1.