MacBook Late 2008 - Fn key changes

Good evening,

I recently installed EndeavourOS (Xfce) on my MacBook Late 2008 Unibody A1278 equipped with a C2D 2.0GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and nVidia GeForce 9400M. Everything is running smoothly, however, the Fn key is locked (the key works fine if I press and hold it) and in order for me to close an application, I would need to press Fn + Option/Alt + F4 instead of the usual Option/Alt + F4. I looked for a setting to disable it, but I don’t see one and nothing to disable it on the system’s PRAM itself either (unless there is one and I didn’t see it).

In any event, is there a way to make it where I don’t have to press the Fn key to do anything, such as closing a program/window?

I switched the OS from El Capitan 10.11.X to this OS since, well, the OS I had on it was outdated. And it runs smoother than Mac OS ever did, even with an SSD and 8GB RAM.

take a look here:

Well, I followed the guide and when I reboot after running the mkinitcpio program to regenerate the initramfs, it still doesn’t make the F1-F12 keys act like F1-F12 keys, only the special functions, such as brightness, media playback/volume, and so on. If I do the temporary one, it works. The permanent one, however, is not working.

I also confirmed the modconf HOOKS variable was listed in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf


options hid_apple fnmode=2