Mac mini 2010 system freezing, firefox crashing; nouveau driver? no brightness control

2010 mac mini 4gb RAM small SSD.

Nvidia card with shared RAM

Firefox tab, whole firefox app, or whole system Crashing, freezing esp when multiple apps running.

‘Nouveau’ error at boot but now not showing.

Default eOS latest install with budgie.

Happens with default, LTS, and hardened kernels.

Initially ‘multitasking’ was crashing ‘settings’ but stopped after rm .config/dconf/user

Firefox also crashing on XFCE in previous installation.

I can’t find a way to control brightness.

tried to post logs for troubleshooting but,

413 Request Entity Too Large
413 Request Entity Too Large
nginx "

posted logs here (password is macmini)

this kind of line repeats a lot in the logs an 04 11:55:28 hostname us.getsol.budgie-desktop-view-autostart.desktop[1802]: nouveau: 0x000475ec

Also just started getting this error

:: Synchronizing package databases…
error: failed to synchronize all databases (unable to lock database)

This system is 12 years old so it’s probably not surprising it has issues, especially with an old NVIDIA card.

The more interesting line would be this one:

Jan 04 11:55:22 _hostname_ us.getsol.budgie-desktop-view-autostart.desktop[1802]: nouveau: kernel rejected pushbuf: Device or resource busy

Was it just Firefox with an issue under Xfce?

External monitors normally use buttons on the bezel to control brightness. There are software tools like ddccontrol but this functionality isn’t built in to any DE.

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Hi @ana
I had similar issues with firefox and old hardware and system slow
Dell inspiron 1300
ata 30gig
4Gig ram.

If i where you i would choose another desktop WM/DE . Gnome desktop is i think to much for the machine.
Start with Xfce4 (user friendly) , still slow??, try Openbox or even Jwm for example.

I guess FireFox cannot run/freeze due performance issue. CPU RAM.

I am not sure if arch based is the best choose for your mac. Maybe LTS kernel.

For me worked the following distro’s good on my old hardware.

Puppylinux - 32bit bionic -
If you have 64bit hardware Fossapup is a great version.
It has a desktop switch to xfce from jwm.
Maybe downside. It runs as root. And maybe to big learning curve.

Very Fast :slight_smile: and flexible.

Another lightweight distro’s = Q4os, Antix.
All debian based distro’s.

Personaly i run Bunsenlabs Openbox on the Dell.

How small is your ssd?