Mac M2, UTM Arch base, install script - no login greeter just cli

Hi there,

Hoping this is a simple one - I searched for similar but couldn’t find one - happy to be redirected if someone knows this has already been covered.

I’m trying to setup an EndeavourOS install on my Mac Mini M2.
So far, I installed UTM and their ArchLinux ARM template.
Then I followed

It seemed to go right without any noticeable errors.

But upon reboot I just get CLI login instead of any login greeter or DE.

Any ideas on how to get the desktop login?
Something else I need to do?


Figured it out - seems like the pre made one from UTM doesn’t work - it might for some with better knowledge of Arch I guess.

Anyway, here is what I did:

After you get the base arch system booted, I just carried on with EndeavourOS desktop setup - here:

And I now have my EndeavourOS install on my Mac Mini M2! :slight_smile:

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