Ly problem (Atlantis release)

Hi, I’d like to report a problem on the latest Atlantis community edition with sway: ly as a login manager has a strange problem with sway that prevents gtk apps that require administrator privileges such as gparted or grub-customizer to launch at all. The only workaround is to login through tty and launch sway manually or just using another login manager.

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Shouldn’t that problem be solved by this? Should already be inside the standard config, afaik.

Using this is not a good idea it might lead to more issues than solutions. Sway is not GTK as @I0F points out sudoing is discouraged in Sway for GUI’s.

No, that configuration enables the polkit authentication but the problem is related on how ly manages the session. I’ve been using sway for a month or so and I still haven’t found any workaround for this problem other than changing login manager.

‘Ly’ is TUI very lightweight DM. It was used as a temporary solution until LightDM solves some issues it has with Sway sessions. This is mentioned under the release notes.

We didn’t want to bring in any other DM dues because they bring in too many dependencies. But enos always allows the user to use whatever works for him/her.

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An alternative would be to use greetd and tuigret (for example). Using it with sway for some time now and it’s quite nice.

yes greetd would be a better solution, but needs some setup, and is only on AUR.
And some apps simply do not work at all under wayland, or need different startup command to run as root under wayland …
In addition ly and greetd are not supported by calamares :wink: (will be soon)