Lxqt.org is unavailable

The lxqt.org website is down since days. Does anyone know more about this?

Your link is obviously broken…Did and does that site actually exist? :hugs:

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it is indeed… also lxqt forum and lxde webside is not available… only lxde forum is there:
and github:

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Always check sites using this (or similar)…

Not sure where the website went, but it still seems to under active development so that is good at least.

Lxqt forum used to use same discours forum but now is the old lxde forum… hmm

This might shed some light on what’s happening:


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This is a shot in the dark, but perhaps the majority of the devs left the project to re-join LXDE again.

is on my link, Agaida is currently busy on its work. thats mostly a common problem since he manage also the lxqt problem and the project. as on lxqt irc mention the link above what i send to git.

i know they are over of 9 month of there 6month release. but atleast the most persons are up and going, and one person failed to ssh to fix the problem some certificate issue… im sure it will fix soon. Agaida is also quiet on irc, most of time he also is presence but not now currently.

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I like that train of thought! I know that when I read the link I posted, my jaw hit the ground and I began to wonder what was going on behind the scenes of LXQT.

Wonder if Agaida just took a little time off? My experience shows that when one person is looking after a lot of things: if they’re not careful - they could burn out, and be less useful then they are right now. I’ve seen that happen too many times over the years - especially to myself!

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Agaida is a type of Person like Joe mayby directer, one dev could catch him and get confirm he was busy on his job. sound strange in this corona time… Mayby his job is around the hospital wou can it said… that sound logic if he is busy… understand looks bad. but its not the project is abandon… atleast i hope not… lxqt is born out of razor-qt and lxde , and razor-qt is born out another abondon DE, dont know the name… fill me in if you know :slight_smile: but currently i dont believe its abondon, agaida looks for me a fair person was always there on irc and dev, but its now a contrast offcourse…

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There seem to be other developers actively making commits and discussing development. It doesn’t look abandoned.

Boy that’s a plus! Was hoping that it wouldn’t die so early after it was conceived. I’ve tried LXQT; I don’t mind it at all - but it doesn’t appeal to me (yet). At the time it was a little confusing to use for me. Actually might give it another try in the near future and see how it’s progressed. It might even become my new desktop once I get the hang of it.

I’ll keep my eyes on LXQT and see what transpires. If you’re wondering where I got my news from, I use lwn.net (and am a paid subscriber also).

on irc last screenshot :slight_smile:

edit : last conversation was 27 March n a gap to the screenshot is 14 April. found it in my quassel server.

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Sounds familiar to me. I work at a grocery store (Produce section) during this COVID-19 outbreak. Haven’t stopped working since it was declared here in New Brunswick Canada. Absolutely understand where agaida is coming from.