LXqt 1.3 released


Have you tried running LXQt with Wayland? If so, how is it?

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no i haven’t. i’m running lxqt with x11
the only issue so far is on fish shell the prompt. i cnat change theme. but I will still find out how that works

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Yes - remember openbox is a window manager for X11 - if you use kwin instead of openbox it works great with Wayland

It is like Plasma on Wayland


Oh-My-Fish has some great themes available and it’s easy enough to change colors, etc. in the config files for those.

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It is hard to believe that not being able to change themes in fish has anything to do with LXqt.


the new lxqt version is now available in the arch repos :heart_eyes:


I have updated already :wink:


can’t imagine it either but there must be a problem somewhere. I will find out yet.

with fish_config i was able to change the prompt in the web interface. but as soon as i install a theme from the framework fish does not apply the change

I will have to deal with this again in time

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i have no idea if it was really lxqt, lxqt-terminal or what. with a new arch-xfce installation i can now also select themes and prompt via the framework

I always really want to like lxqt more. It’s so close to being incredible.

To be honest, if I could have figure out how to change the shortcuts in bismuth on lxqt+kwin a while back, I probably would have been there longer.

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lxqt is certainly interesting. however, it did not fit my needs.

my very old dell laptop which is certainly 15 years old and I are now really very comfortable with arch-xfce.