Lutris - - Diablo 4 Problem

Some PC specs:
Latest EndeavourOS (everything up to date)
GPU: AMD 7900xtx
32g RAM
Gnome 44.1 & Wayland
kernel: 6.3.5-arch1-1

So here’s the scenario…

  1. Basic/normal computer start up

  2. Launch

This first Diablo 4 game launch runs as it should. Normal. No hiccups. I reach 150 fps (in game option limit). I play for an hour or whatever. All good.

Now… If i exit out of the game. And subsequently launched the game again.

**Did not do any options, settings or config changes, at all.

This time around my fps is stuck between 30-60 fps and game stutters.

This issue or fps lock/drop will stay until i restart the computer. Once the computer is restarted and I launch the game again for the first time, no issues. Fps is back up to 150 like normal.

My question is, What is going on?

do you use amdvlk or radv (vulkan-radeon) as Vulkan driver?
the first one usually makes troubles, the second one is better.

if you use amdvlk, to switch you need
sudo pacman -R amdvlk lib32-amvlk
sudo pacman -S vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-radeon

apart from that, D4 is only released this week. There may still be bugfixes and yet-to-be written workarounds necessary in wine and/or DXVK.

If not already, use RADV for gaming. Since you are using latest gen amd gpu, you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you’re not using mesa-git (especially on such recent gpu).

Also make sure you use both dxvk-git and vkd3d-proton-git.

It could be that the game is somehow running in background after you closed it. So you’d basically have 2 instances of the game running which is taxing on the system. Check your processes when you start the game for the second time where you get low fps.

Side note, D4 on RADV atm causes gpu hangs on RDNA2. Not sure if it causes them on RDNA3 as well.