Luma Dream Machine

Was playing around with Luma Dream Machine today, left out 1 result as its going to be used in a video clip for my mates music. I really like what it did with my jupiter wallpaper, found it managed to make the hand/vb look even creepier and the one with the leopard well I think it might have taken something. The other 2 I just didn’t like the results.


you are telling me that you were only “Was playing around” hel nah thats more and i like it

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More I wanted to see if it could be a useful tool like Upscayl. From the results I’ve seen so far I think I might throw a few more of my wallpapers at it throughout the week and see what it comes up with.
So far I can see it being very handy for me and my mate as neither of us have the hardware to make things like this.

i have same problem with the hardware

Yer it can be pretty pricey when on a strict budget. I normally wait til there is a sale before I look at buying anything and most of the time its refurbished not new, but it does the job most of the time.

Has clips from the previous one also, I quite like the two right before the cat at the end

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