LUKS password must be entered twice

When starting the system the LUKS password has to be entered once, but then a message appears saying something similar to “no keyfile/keyfile invalid.”

I think that this has something to do with removal of a LUKS keyslot. I recently noticed that two LUKS key slots were being used and deleted one of them. Everything in “/” (including /boot) is encrypted.

If you deleted the slot that held the key file, you will get asked for the password twice. You should be able to re-add the keyfile.

  1. Where should the key file be placed after generating it?

  2. Does it matter which LUKS slot the keyfile uses? Assume not…

It shouldn’t matter which slot. The keyfile might still be there at the root unless you deleted the file.

If you create a new key file, you will need to regenerate your initrams.

crypto_keyfile.bin still existed and the problem is solved. Thank you.

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