LUKS encrypted drive hangs for 30 seconds after I enter my password

I installed EndeavorOS and used MBR installation and LUKS encryption.

When I boot up, I get prompted for my password, I enter it, and the laptop hangs for 30 seconds before I get the grub menu.

Is this normal.

Unless things have changed recently, it’s pretty normal, yes. GRUB can be slow to decrypt the boot loader as there’s no hardware acceleration available at that point.

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It could be. (I don’t know much about encryption, but I do know it takes longer. Being safe has some drawbacks).

What do you get for systemd-analyze blame ?? It could be something else.


I just had the same problem.

You’ll need to change the iter-time of your luks key.

Sth. like

sudo cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/sda2 /crypto_keyfile.bin -S 0 -i=10
sudo cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/sda2 -S 1 -i=10
sudo mkinitcpio -p linux

This would change the iter-time to sth really low and system should open slot within a second.
Above sda2 and keyfilename are the defaults. Could be different on your system.

The ~20 second default (on your system) was chosen by developers for a reason. Lowering the iter-time can seriously compromise security. Combine thtat with a subpar passphrase and your system may just have become brute-forcable without the need of high-end machinery.


Yes you are right. I depends on the quality of the password as well. A good password and you may lower the iter-time - a weak one the choose a higher iter-time.

It depends on your risk and your data - a trade off between speed and comfort vs. security…

I guess I’ll raise my iter-time as well a bit :wink:

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