LUKS + BTRFS installation

I managed to install EndeavourOS on an external drive on my laptop. First time ever on Arch! :smiley:
Aside from lot’s of configuration details and look and feel I got all critical items up and running, with one exception. I need my / and / to be encrypted and on btrfs!
The setup I am coming from is:

  • EFI: FAT32
  • Boot: ext4
  • / and /home on luks with btrfs

But somehow I wasn’t able to set LUKS + BTRFS during my installation. Each one on it’s own would have worked but not in combination. The moment I select LUKS I can’t change the filesystem any longer, and from previous experience with Calamares I know it’s going to default to ext4.

I also tried to pre-configure the partitions and assign the folders manually but this didn’t work either, Calamares complained it wasn’t able to open the partition…

Has anyone got an idea how I could get this to work?

LUKS is a fine thing, but It looks like this issue has not been solved yet in Calamares:

Try the containers, meanwhile…

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Thanks Simon, I am not yet ready to give up :slight_smile:
I might follow this one here:
But that will give me Arch, not Endeavorous I guess? But then again, I am not exactly sure what the difference in this case would be anyway, from a technical point of view? Branding?
More reading to be done…

It has to do with a bug in the latest Calamares installer, that has to be resolved.

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Usually there is a way out of the situation, so do not give up :wink:
Not yet, but I will need it on my laptop for work. Anyway, can always prepare encryption, install pure arch and rebrand it…

Thats exactly what I ended up doing, my first Arch install ever…hell, what a typing orgy :slight_smile:

But I got it now, luks+btrfs+nVidia+kde and it even starts to look similar to what I had before.
Have to say I am a little proud of myself :innocent:


No wonder :wink: I got softened once or twice, installing an Arch is rather certain challenge (for me); even if you’re not doing it for the first time. Sometimes something can go wrong, so I save notes. Time has its meaning here, but how much enjoyment!

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