Important information you need to know before installing the stable release

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The moment has almost arrived, EndeavourOS stable is going to be released very soon. Thanks to your feedback on the Beta releases we’ve tackled a lot of issues to improve this release.

You also gave us feedback on the Calamares installer, we found out that the issues are upstream and beyond our control, so that’s why we are giving you some pointers to increase the success on your install:

Installation on an empty device with no other OS installed and automatic partition or a simple manual one will work.
Issues with the current Calamares offline installer:
With a manual partition: Do not use swap with hibernate (it will result in not having a swap partition) If you wish to install a swap partition, you can do so by installing a swap partiton after install. (see wiki)
With a manual partition on an EFI system: When creating the fat32 EFI partition there is no flag esp anymore choose boot instead.
For a more successful we recommend to partition with GParted before starting Calamares and choose the manual partition option to use these partitions.
LUKS encryption has several issues and they are not solved upstream at the Calamares development yet! So don’t use encryption for now.
A warning to all of you who want to install dual-boot with Windows:
If you choose the same EFI/fat32 partition used by Windows DO NOT FORMAT IT! Check that you have not chosen to format this partition, otherwise Windows will not boot since this would erase the boot entry for Windows!
Due to internet problems, the stable release will be slightly later than planned on the website.

Sounds good to me, release the Kraken!

good tip on not formatting the the /boot/efi partition for existing (and keeping) other OS’s. My experience has been that multi-boot systems are often an overlooked situation in many installation guides.

I do imagine many learn the hard way after formatting an existing boot partition without knowing the consequence until after

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Wow, I lucked up on my guess hitting the boot flag for the EFI partition. I think I will have a cookie later on.