Low WiFi Link Rate

Thanks for the suggestions!

Have you tested disabling IPv6?

Yes, IPv6 is disabled

Is your computers BIOS up to date?


Have you restarted your router, and Is your router firmware up to date?


Your router may support the following bandwidths, 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz, and 160MHz. Test setting different bandwidths.

My AP allows for 40 and 80mhz on 5ghz with no luck. 20 and 40mhz on 2.4ghz doesn’t change anything either.

Assigning a fixed channel in your router may also help with speed and dropped connections.

All channels around me are free but I’ve tried channels 44, 112, and 136 to no avail.

Try enabling Quality of Service (QoS) in your router settings to help improve poor speed issues.

The internet speed isn’t so much the issue as its lower than 54mbits anyway, It’s more for when I’m trying to backup to my NAS or sending files between my PC and laptop over the LAN

If possible, move your computer closer to the router.

My PC is about 12m from my AP with only 1 gyprock wall in between so I don’t think thats the issue. -59dbm should be plenty strong enough for a good signal anyways.

If possible, increase the TX power in the router.

It’s already set to 22dbm which is the max for Australia on 5ghz

Sometimes it is necessary to reset your router back to the factory default configuration to correct connectivity issues.

I haven’t factory defaulted my router but I have reset my AP and that did not help.

Some other adjustments you could try:
Lower the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) from 1500 to 1492
Lower the beacon interval from 100 to 50
Lower the fragmentation threshold from 2346 to 2306
Lower the RTS threshold from 2347 to 2304

These did not help.

Install and test different kernels, running speed tests on each.

As mentioned in the post, I’ve tried the regular kernel, zen kernel, and LTS kernel with no luck.

Install and test the newest firmware available for your adapter.

I couldn’t find these in the official repository nor the AUR but I do have the latest linux-firmware from the official repo installed.

Try changing nameservers in your /etc/resolv.conf file

I’ve got my routers IP address as well as and in there.

Use rfkill to temporarily disable bluetooth.

No luck there

Try disabling wifi power saving.

Again, no change

Thanks again for the suggestions, they definitely kept me busy :joy: but unfortunately still no luck with it.