Low Audio Levels

i have audio volume to 100 pct on KDE plasma yet is it still very quite.

how can i solve it?

Check the volume on your player and also check the physical volume on your headphones/speakers if they have such a thing. You can also click on the sound icon and check on the raise maximum volume option.

Open alsamixer in a terminal, press F6 and select the correct card and check the levels and increase:

in alsamicxer i have only one column and it is on max

In KDE there are so many of them and it is really confusing… Also every now and then i need to switch betwen Pro Audio and Play HIFi

Basically i need to click somewhere and switch between this

Into this

and back because the audio is muted

I am wondering what is proper set up for all these because I is quite annoying to everytime need reset it manually to catch the sound

The instructions are in the post.