Looking to install endeavor os as a VM on a synology nas

So like the title says, I am trying to install endeavoros on a synology nas, I am having some issues with it.
Before I install it, I boot just fine to the live boot, installation also works, however, after rebooting after the install, I am stuck in this screen:

Any help is appreciated!

Are you installing it in a VM or directly on the NAS hardware?

Through a virtual machine manager, so as a VM, also, after removing the quiet line, I now see that I am stuck here https://i.imgur.com/7I3kYk2.png

Please post screenshots/photos here!
Post text as text and not as image!

The status messages are ok. The issue comes after that. You could test with any boot options, e.g. xforcevesa (if it’s a GPU driver problem).

Note reasonable configurations in the DSM (7.x, 6.x) for the VM!

xforcevesa seemed to do something, I now get past where I was, I am now however stuck at a new screen saying: "

[OK] Finished Load/Save Random Seed.

I am a little confused with what you mean by “note reasonable configurations” I did use that wiki when settings up my vm, it seems to work for debian based OS’es, just endeavor seems to have some issues.

I do really appreciate the help btw!

I actually managed to fix it, using xforcevesa made me think of something else, when setting up the VM i selected vmvga as the video driver, after changing that to just vga, it works, thank you all for the help!

OK means OK. Up to and including here, it has run through.

xforcevesa was just an example to solve a common problem. Like nomodeset, this option is only set temporarily.

boot options

EndeavourOS did not boot completely with VMSVGA in VBox at the beginning. You had to choose VBoxSVGA.

Also natively it can happen on some systems that it cannot be booted because of the proprietary driver nvidia.

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