Looking for the colorful texted boot startup I remember

Anyone know what you call this? I thought I remembered it being an option at install at some time. There were different display options that you could choose from that specifically effected the way the text would go across the screen when powered on. It’d be cool to find and use that.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but maybe something like Plymouth? This does not alter the text so much, but rather replaces it with a graphic.

(I’ve not tried setting it up myself)

Thought I remembered it being part of install process along with other aesthetic options. It kinda has a look similar to like how terminal text is really colorful if you use lolcats, but it was the boot process. I don’t see what I am looking at as splash screen, since the focus there is on an animation or something similar prior to login.

What I am trying to think of is in fact, basically just the change in color of the text similar to how you describe. The text itself at startup stays pretty much the same I believe.

From your description I guess you want the specific GRUB theme.
GRUB is the Linux bootloader, think of it as the menu every time you boot your computer.

AFAIK EndeavourOS used the custom-made GRUB theme - I couldn’t find it in either the repo or AUR, but it’s still available at GitHub: