Looking for extension I downloaded for Libre office calc

I downloaded an extension using new/template/extension option in Libre calc, but when I downloaded there was no indication as to where it was downloaded to. Does anyone know where I should look?

Your browser should keep a history of its downloads. If not, check in $HOME/Downloads.

I downloaded it through Libre Calc; not a browser. And it s not in any of the obvious locations.

You’ll need to search for files with the .oxt extension.

I just tried to download an extension through Calc like you said, and it opens up my system file dialog when I click “Add”. This means it would expect that you have the file somewhere on your system.

The only other option to “download through Calc” is “Get more extensions online…” which opens up my web browser.

In other words, what @ajgringo619 said is right:


You cannot download an extension via the app itself. Unless, of course, there is another extension that you have installed that allows you to do so.

You may as well just go to the website you found out about the extension and download it from there. Hopefully, it’s a reputable site and/or extension. Even better, directly from LibreOffice’s extensions repository.

No. He is not right. Downloading through File/New/Templates… Selecting Manage/Extensions. They load up, and I select one. Nothing opened up. The only thing that occured was the [Install] tab went from Install to Installed. I will search for oxt extension though.

Again, he is right.

You have now given some clarity with your newest reply. What you are looking for is a template, not an extension.

Please check here: /home/username/.config/libreoffice/4/user/extensions/tmp/extensions

You are also wrong. The item I downloaded was called an extension. It may have been a template, but program called it an extension. You should discuss you re problem with it with the developers; not me. You all are so fast to tell someone they got it wrong. Get a life.

I only said you were wrong because you said @ajgringo619 was wrong when he was actually right.

PS: Not trying to argue, just trying to help. :person_shrugging:


PS to my PS: The reason he is not wrong is because if you web search “how to install LibreOffice extensions” or “where are LibreOffice extensions stored”, the answer will point you to exactly where @ajgringo619 said. So, again, he isn’t wrong.

Lastly, the templates may have different file suffixes depending on what they do, so it may not be a .oxt file that you are searching for.

Also try this location, please:


This whole thing could be solved by simply going to the LibreOffice website and downloading the extension from there.

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But also, it’s good that the OP asked the question because now I know where all the extensions and templates are stored. :grin:

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