Looking for alternatives to run Android applications on Linux

I have been using Genymotion to run Android games, but it is dreadful compared to the emulators available on Windows. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find another alternative on Linux.

Last week I tried Anbox and the experience was phenomenal in comparison, but unfortunately the available Android images are quite outdated and the applications I need it to run won’t do so. Is there another alternative available which I have missed? I’m aware Deepin seems to run Android applications, but I’m not too keen on having to switch OS.

If it doesn’t support play services and ARM applications out of the box it needs to have a method to flash/enable support for them. In addition, it would be nice if it ran at least Android 8 or later.

Maybe try Android Studio?

Why not just use ChromeOS. Already has Android.

Edit: Otherwise Android Studio as @Mizuki suggested.

Edit: Waydroid is in the AUR.

As I wrote in the initial post I rather not switch OS. I’ll look into Waydroid.

Edit: Waydroid doesn’t seem to build for me. fatal: reference is not a tree: ecd0da2948b65184c759104de9d2a3e46257508f ==> ERROR: Failure while creating working copy of waydroid git repo Aborting...

Android studio is worse than what I currently use. Thanks though!