Looking for a "whichkey-like" launcher / selection menu application

I want to create a menu similar to the shortcut menu in Windows you get with win + X. Having support for selecting with designated letter shortcuts is important (i.e. the underlined letter in the menu activates the option).

In editors like neovim, there are plugins like whichkey that will, after pressing a “leader key”, bring up a menu showing you the possible shortcut keys and their actions. You can have nested menus, and back out of a menu by pressing backspace. Also really nice, is that you can configure a time to wait for keypresses before opening the menu, so that you can type a full key shortcut sequence without opening the menu if you have it memorized.

So I’d like a sort of launcher program that can pop up menus with all or some of these features. I have done some looking and can’t find anything that seems to be what I’m looking for. I have a feeling there is not something with all these features out there, and maybe I oughta make it myself.

I also know that some people could script a fascimile of this behavior with nested control structures, dmenu, rofi, dialog, or other tools. But I don’t believe any of these create a menu where pressing the corresponding letter for an option directly activates it, as opposed to filtering and requiring a subsequent enter key. I’m not really looking for that, but if someone has some good examples of nice nested menu implementations with rofi I would be interested to see.

Thanks for sharing any info or thoughts.

U launcher has an extension which shows keybindings for the shortcuts and extensions.

Thanks. I’ve looked at Ulauncher a bit before but mostly use Rofi instead.

But this is a slightly different use-case where I want static menus where the key shortcuts are the same every time (and not some Alt+ combination)