Looking for a guide for BTRFS subvolumes

Hey smart people

I’ve recently installed endevourOS with btfs, and after finally setting up all my config up to my liking its time to set up subvolumes! (and snapshots after). However I can’t seem to find any guides that go through step by step how to do so, specifically, post OS Install.

I’m not trying to do anything fancy, just want snapshots to rollback my system if something breaks.
If someone could point me in right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @Downpour and welcome to the forum

I’m not one of those but perhaps one of these topics in the wiki could help



Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, all done now! Some big helps from myself if anyone else stumbles upon this post:

– Sub volumes are automatically created by the iso installer.
– btrfs-assisstant can help visualize subvolumes
– snapper is insanely simple to set up
– ChatGPT can guide you through step-by-step

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Be careful and always check where it is getting it’s information, it can be extremely helpful but I have also had it offer me adivse that is anything but