Looking for a file manager similar to Windows that has "recently accessed folders"

After moving from Window to Linux for months now, there are some things that I am missing, such as the “Recently accessed folders” that would appear on the file manager on the left hand side like this:

On the left hand side I want a file manager to display all the recently accessed folders, can anyone suggest me a file manager or even a configuration I can do to get that feature on the left hand side?

Dolphin has something like that:


On your screenshot, I can see that it has “recent locations”, however does all the “recent locations” appear on the left hand side without me having to click into “Recent Locations”, as you can see on my screenshot?


Gnome’s nautilius also has recent files. It’s actually pretty much all of them that do this I imagine unless they are really old. I’d bet Thunar does it, and nemo is the closest to windows, so I’d also imagine it does.

I see

But that is just recent files, that is not recent folders mate

If no file manager does it, it’s because no one has really ever requested it. It must be something no one needs.

In nautilus in Gnome - I can easily add a folder “distros” to Starred to mark it as a favorite, or just drag and drop the file right to the panel on the left for immediate working access. . . Recent pulls up a file, because no one works on a recent “folder,” as you’d be working on something in a folder, not the folder itself.

If you need more than that, you may want to open a request with whatever file manager you prefer and see if they are interested in creating it. With how many options there are, and no one offering what you’re asking for. . . it’s probably pretty unlikely. Good luck

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@unix_lover (Geez why did you call yourself like this?)

I don’t know what D.E. you are using on Linux, or which you prefer, but this could be done with the file manager in MATE called Caja. It should work also with Nemo but I’m not sure. You have to use the Bookmarks menu. You have to be actually inside the folder that you want to mark for quick access. On the left-hand side bar with “Devices” and “Network” and others it will build up a category called “Bookmarks”. What sucks is that the position of that category cannot be changed which is why I would rather pass more often on GNOME and related things.

Probably Dolphin on KDE could do it too, and easier. But I’m on EndeavourOS with MATE right now and downloading something large LOL, but if you give me a bit more time then I coudl check for you.

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Meh, he comes on here a lot asking for things to be more “windowsey.” Basically he just really wants to use windows and show us it’s superiority. Which, IMO since it takes like $35Bazillion dollars to create it’s painfully bad. . .

Might be a? (Me being :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, weekend,sorry,)

not for the faint if heart




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