Looking for a Calendar App

I am currently looking for a calendar app which works with CalDAV and can send desktop notification. I have orage calendar with XFCE, but only use it to look at dates as it doe not support CalDAV. I’d love to hear your suggestions and what calendar apps you use.

I sometimes use cal. Other than that, I don’t use a calendar app.

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I use minetime. It’s by far my favorite. But you do need some sort of calendar to make it useful - nextcloud, Gmail, etc.

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I actually use nextcloud through the browser right now and synced on my phone with davx. I will look into it, could be a great fit. Can you have notifications for the reminders set?

What is cal ? It does not seem to be package in the repos nor the AUR.

It’s part of the util-linux package, you almost certainly have it installed. Just run


in the terminal, and it will print a nice calendar for the current month to the stdout. If you want to display a calendar for a specific month, you can use cal month year, for example:

cal june 2014
cal 9 1752

Or, if you want a calendar for the entire year, just run cal year. Also, try

cal -3

For more info, run man cal.


Oh that was the one you meant. I have used it in scripting assignments at university. It definitely is a neat tool for a CLI machine.

There is also calcurse which has a built-in planner and a todo list, and it’s overall pretty awesome, I just don’t use it.

I probably should, because I’m pretty disorganised :smiley:


Hey Zangoku,

I use a workspace app/tool called Notion for all my calendar/planning needs (amongst other things) Here’s a quick video showing how to set up a calendar in Notion.


I use Evolution under XFCE as a total solution for mail, contacts and calendar. Besides CalDAV and CardDAV, Exchange EWS and ActiveSync are supported. Desktop notifications are supported and there are some interesting additional plugins.


I have been using Evolution for years, and it is definitely the total package. Rock solid since 2013 or so. Before that it had some issues, but since then solid.

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I believe so? I don’t set a lot, so I don’t really remember but it’s very robust and looks fantastic imo. But it’s got all of the colors and tags from my Google calendar. I plan on reverting to nextcloud at some point too since I use their drive client anyway.

I really miss Evolution (I use KDE/Plasma) and its integration into the desktop allowing for notifications, etc. I use Thunderbird, and with add-ons, it will work with Caldav/Cardav very well, but it is its own self-contained PIM. It also doesn’t integrate into the desktop well, ie no notifications for Caldav calendars.