Logos/Images for whatever reason

It got cold outside, I ended up messing around making stuff for one of my conkys
and just sort of kept going.
Some have matching counterparts if for whatever reason someone
wanted something like that.
Images are 5inx5in so you can shrink to whatever size you want, mix n match
lettering, or whatever.
The black and white looking ones are transparent/glass.
Each one links to the larger version, just open in new tab.


These look great! :grinning: :+1:t2: Love the sparkles and the galaxy effects and wood particularly, but they’re all really good.

Right-click and download is possible, but imgur is blocking for me, even turning on the dreaded javascript briefly … maybe a browser add-on is working a bit more aggressively via an update, so that’s on my browser/whatever addons are doing. I usually drag and drop images into the post window, but I realise there’s a lot if images involved here. Just incase others are getting a block there too.

Nice work I just had to go Imgur and get the big samples ( 6 x EnOs sparkle and white/clear ) worked and
Thankyou for sharing :star_struck: :cool:

It’s still cold out, but now I’m stuck at home sick. However it’s giving me a chance
to play around with graphic stuff again.
These are a small festive set of logos,they all should be 136x128


Animated sleigh ride…Endeavour delivered! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and finally, an official submission, for the UN-official contest for the holiday season, for the homepage…HAHA, Endeavour, A New Year!