Logo looks bad in Gnome Settings dark mode


Gnome Settings - > About

ENDEAVOUR is almost invisible.

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Oh mygod! :innocent:

It seems a 4th color was used, instead of the purple, one of the 3 colors in the logo, which would make more sense.

Call the artist! :woman_artist:

purple would work but black text is not something exotic to do or not?
Could be black outlines and white text… but there is nothing implemented in Gnome to make it possible to use dark and light logo versions.

If Gnome does not support designating two logos for each of light/dark mode, I think one simple solution is just using a logo with background colour, not transparent background.

Are you sure that Gnome does not support setting two logos? I also have Manjaro installation and tested it there, and …


and? is Gnome doing this or Manjaro and how?

Could be something similar to what is done on Gnome for light and dark wallpapers whta we have implemented … there are also two wallpapers you can set for dark and light theme.

If you find the implementation solution i would be happy to try implementing if possible on how we handle this.

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is all i found in a short research … but i do not see how

i find an easy way… seems you can add dark and light variants to /usr/share/picmaps as svg and they will get used…


Will need only someone producing the file… i have no clue about using svg files :wink:

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It is very easy, and easy to learn.

  • SVG is a text file
  • Open it with a text editor
  • Find any color properties (something like color="#eeedec")
  • Change one at a time, save and view with an image viewer for changes, so you find what is the color you changed
  • Eventually, replace the color of the letter objects in question (they may be as many as the letters) with the purple one.

Now you are an artist! :star2:

Or you can use Inkscape :wink: .

I am not an SVG expert either, but that SVG is bizarre. It seems that it just contains bitmap image, instead of defining the things in vector elements. Then why use SVG instead of just using a bitmap like PNG?

I think the EOS logo was probably designed by using some sort of vector graphics software, judging by its simple shapes. The person who originally made that logo probably has that vector file, and if so, changing the text colour would be a very simple task.

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It is supposed to be, but the SVG file that he has linked seems to have everything as an embedded bitmap, so it cannot be cleanly edited.

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yes thats the thing indeed. I do not remeber exactly… but i think the svg one is only created by converting the png into svg so it includes data:image/png;base64 of that png …

i can do the same for a dark version:

it looks like this:

Such occurrences are one of the reasons why I don’t give a damn about darkmode. Everything is still far too incosistent.

but stuff like distro logo is always a bit tricky… as tehre is no general documentation about such things …

We have added needed logo to /usr/share/picmaps as this is working in almost all cases for all DEs to use the logo. Dark mode is something newer on GNOME but also KDE has this option.
So will be nice to get it working.


and surely … the same is not working for kde :wink:
KDE is using /etc/os-release …


i do not see a way there to have variants…


will reach repo soon…


Released, soon in the mirrors.


thanks to the community i got the files some minutes after asking for them :vulcan_salute: :heart_eyes:

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