Login screen SSDM to LightDM login

Hello community. Wish you all great 2022 year.

Is possible to change SSDM login sreen to LightDM and how?



  • Install lightdm and optionally a greeter
  • Configure the lightdm settings and greeter settings in /etc/lightdm
  • Switch to lightdm with sudo systemctl enable --force lightdm

If you are a plasma user be aware that it will make your lock screen totally different from your login screen.

I am on KDE plasma. thanks for answer

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i did all commands and successfuly changed, is anything else to do or not? thanks

Not really. Just make sure lightdm is configured properly. Any typo in the configuration file will cause it to not start.

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should i run that command sudo systemctl disable sddm -f ?

No. You can only have one enabled at a time so enabling lightdm should automatically disable sddm.

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one more asks sorry for the asking

i also can change themes there right?

You can use the tool lightdm-settings in the AUR to do this. Remember this is only for the slick-greeter

yay -S lightdm-settings
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Isn’t that only for the slick greeter?

Yes, in the config file for your greeter. There are also gui tools for some of the greeters.

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Yes, it is. I forgot to mention that. Let me edit the post

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For lightdm-gtk-greeter, there is:

sudo pacman -S lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

in the community repo.