Login screen gets stuck on boot, then black screen after. `systemctl restart lightdm` fixes it

Hi friends! I am a new member to Endeavour community, and I am happy to be part of it! I installed endeavour recently on two devices, and everything has been very smooth, but then a few days after, one of the devices started having an issue where, after booting, the login screen allows me to enter my password fine, but as soon as I hit ENTER, the entire thing gets stuck. After maybe 30-40 seconds, I get past the login screen and into a black screen where I can see my mouse. I have a suspicion that this black screen is my actual screen, because the mouse cursor changes depending on where I move it and I believe this is because it loads my previous session, but it is a black screen.

After trying a few things, I found out that doing systemctl restart lightdm in TTY fixes the issue. The one difference between this machine and the other one, which does not have this issue, is that this one has a faster SSD and a 3000 series GPU, so I am thinking that the boot is happening way too fast before the GPU is connected? I only say that because I vaguely remember someone having a similar issue on Arch not too long ago.

Please help me! Thank you :slight_smile:

Several other people have reported there being an issue with the latest version of mesa and lightdm.

That may be what you are experiencing. Others have reported that downgrading mesa was serving as a workaround. Apparently, restarting lightdm is another way to work around the issue.

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Hello carboxamide, welcome to the forum.

Your problem is likely to be related to the link below:

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Is this a laptop? Could you post the output link of inxi -Fxxxz --no-host | eos-sendlog

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Welcome to the forum. We’re happy that you are happy to be part of it.
I hope to see you around for quite some time.


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Thanks everyone who responded! I guess I should be waiting on a fix from mesa then. I will continue to do the restart lightdm thing for now or maybe I will downgrade mesa.

@ricklinux here is the output:

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  3572  100    18  100  3554      4    874  0:00:04  0:00:04 --:--:--   878

Edit: also no it is not a laptop. It is a pc I built myself.

I just want to know how you managed to get hold of an Nvidia 3060 TI? If i were you looking at your setup i would configure the optional enhancements for nvidia and also set logind-check-graphical=true in the lightdm.conf file. This may prevent further issues arising. At least i wanted to advise you on it. I have mine set up this way now with Nvidia GTX 1060 desktop.

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Another workaround worth trying is to use sddm instead of lightdm (simple to change using systemctl (after making sure you have the sddm package)).
I hope they will update mesa soon.

And yes, welcome to EndeavourOS! :smile:

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Thank you both for the advice, I really appreciate it!

The 3060 Ti was difficult to get, and I think it is even more difficult in Canada than the US. I basically watched best buy very closely, and also joined a couple of discord servers that had bots and people who just do an @here when stock for 3000 series GPUs drop. It is usually pretty intense and fast. if you dont act immediately you might miss it. and it does not even happen that often. it took me a lot of waiting to get one.

The servers have a lot of false positives though, sadly. It might be worthwhile to setup your own bot, I think there is a nodeJS based app that uses puppeteer for that. I started to set it up but then I got a GPU before I finished.