Login failed! my laptop was in suspend mode

Did some one once said that endea os, once too many time wrong password login entered, will be lock out for a time period?! i dont know why, but can only suspect i entered password too many time…
i cant login even my password is confirm correct. what can i do? i tried tty login also failed. i am now using hp to write to ask for help.

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Wait ten minutes then you can log in again.

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Able to login now using the same password.
Can someone tell me where can i find info regarding this wrong login password stuff ? I need to know how many time wrong password and wait how long… stuff… it happened , it will surely happen again, get to be clear of it.
Maybe i can also learn a bit how to tune the time or related config.

ok. 10 mins when wrong password entered.
May i know how many time wrongly entered will causes lock out ?
The system never mention anything that i have being locked out. i was kept trying just now… and i am damn sure my password was right… after a few time trying, i thought i could be blurred… i have remembered wrong password, all because i didn’t know i was logged out


There’s a section that reads:

# Deny access if the number of consecutive authentication failures
# for this user during the recent interval exceeds n tries.
# The default is 3.
# deny = 3

Uncomment the last line and change it to a higher value:

deny = 15

Or set it to 0 to disable altogether:

deny = 0