Locked out with Blur Lock - i3wm

Hi folks,

This is a little ridiculous, but I’ve just accidentally pressed Super+b (I think), instead of Super+v like I meant to, and am now locked out of my machine:

(Sorry for the photo quality, can’t take a screenshot, obvs)

I’ve never used this blur lock feature before and have not set a number lock, which it is now asking for.

I’m using i3wm.

Tried my log-in password, no luck.

Is there a “default” number to unlock??

I’d like to avoid a forced shut down, if possible.

Thanks in advance!

your number lock on?

should be login password . if i remember right

Edit … eos github

# Lock the system
# lock with a picture:
#bindsym $mod+l exec i3lock -i  ~/.config/i3/i3-lock-screen.png -p default|win -t
# lock by blurring the screen:
bindsym $mod+l exec ~/.config/i3/scripts/blur-lock
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Type your login password…try again…try again.
If that fails switch to a virtual terminal, login, and kill the process.
And if this bothers, either uninstall the software or unconfigure it.


Tried the login password countless times. Still no luck.

I’m in tty2 now, though. Will figure out how to kill it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Edit: I will also be turning off this shortcut now :smiling_face_with_tear:

And then be locked out by PAM policy for another 10 minutes. :rofl:

@reclusiveAlgorithm Your login password should work. Num Lock on the screen just mean that you have Num Lock enabled on your keyboard (same goes for Caps Lock).
Best to do is press backspace several times before you input the password. Talking from my own experience I usually have some missclick before I write the password - you should see “No Input” when it is good.


Lol, you know that I have never goofed my password enough to have learned that PAM lockout is enabled on a home system. I’ve certainly been there on commercial Unix systems.

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I did try backspacing first, caps lock on, caps lock off, num lock on, num lock off… maybe I was typing it wrong the whole time? Seems unlikely but stranger things have happened!

Maybe my persistence did upset PAM. Sorry, PAM. Probably won’t happen again.

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