Lock screen frozen

Hi I have bought new laptop today and wanted to install endeavour on it. I went good but I also wanted my fingerprint scanner to work so I wanted to try this Support for fingerprint reader - #7 by joekamprad. I wrote " yay -S fingerprint-gui" and after it was completed I put my laptop to sleep and closed lid. After like 10 minutes I wanted to continue installation but laptop is frozen at lock screen and even time froze. Keyboard doesn’t work. Is there a way to fix it(without opening the insides)?

Hold the power button in till it reboots (then read up on, and enable REISUB).


I held power button several times but it didn’t work until I read your post. I will read about REISUB. Thanks

So has it rebooted?


Brill. All computers hang, resume from suspend is always a prime candidate for a hang-up.

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