Lock screen broken

Was greeted by this when I restarted KDE

Whats going on here?

Sys info: https://clbin.com/yFzcU

What wallpaper type were you using for your Lockscreen? From what I can find googling, setting a static image fixed the problem for other users.

Yes, there is issue with types like “worldmap”, and dynamic types.

I have a normal wallpaper. A static image.

Are you using a custom theme? I’ve also seen that changing to a default theme may solve the issue.

Have you tried reinstalling kscreenlocker?

I’m using a different color scheme on top of breeze if that counts.

As this has happened for the first time, I’m afraid to touch anything that might be harmful as I don’t know what triggered the problem in the first place.

This bug is reported lately but closed for no info.
You might want to post your info at the bug report, so it will be a confirmed bug, and probably fixed.

A long shot suggestion is to try changing your SHELL from zsh to bash. IMHO a not-BASH shell is one of the complication issues in some weird cases.

Were you able to unlock the session, as advised by the error message?