Local Arch Mirror - what is the best approach for the underlying OS?

So, here I am, having migrated the first of the 8 Manjaro installations in my household to EOS, and I will do so for the next 7. In the past I used a local Manjaro Mirror, and I intend to continue this now with EOS. So basically I will need a local Arch Mirror and on top of the usual Arch packages I need a local EOS mirror. Installing the needet stuff is quite similar to what I have done with the Manjaro setup, so no questions how to install the tools, setup the rsync and so on.
The question is: Do I install it on an Arch or EOS system or not? My Manjaro Mirror was based on Manjaro, which was kinda okayish with monthly updates, but goind with rolling release on a server feels kinda… undesired. I have quite some servers (based on VMs/LXC/bare metall) which almost all run debian, because it is quite stable and I know it a bit. So my instinctive approach would be: install debian, but ssh server, rsync, ftp and webser on it and call it a day. But maybe there are good reasons to do otherwise? Anyone using a local repo? What’s your approach?

P.S.: Local pac-ache was tried, but doesn’t solve my needs - I have two machines in my household which have good local network speed but HORRIBLY internet speed.

Try these



IMHO, if you are going to use Manjaro repositories instead of the Archlinux repositories, you might be better served by just sticking with Manjaro.


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I think you have misunderstood me - I have a local Manjaro Mirror available, but it will be obsolete quite soon, I will move away from Manjaro and use EOS instead. So I need an Arch / EOS mirror. And a local repo does not fit my needs, been allready there. The question here is: Will the VM (on which the needet tools will run) be Arch, EOS or Debian based?