Loader/entries resume=UUID value corrupted on system update

Every time I do a system update, the OS fails to boot after. It hangs on

running start job for UUID (UUID value that does not exist in fstab or blkid)

I’m using systemd-boot by the way. So I have to get into the machine with an installation media, mount the EFI partition, then I have to edit


and in there I find the problem.


I change this value to my swap partition UUID and then I can boot properly.

No idea why system updates are suddenly corrupting this value. No idea where it’s getting a random UUID value that doesn’t exist.

How do I fix this so I don’t manually have to update this value to be able to boot after every system update?

Ok I found on this forum the following suggestion to make the change to resume=UUID permanent

To make the change permanent, edit /etc/kernel/cmdline and rebuild your initramfs: sudo reinstall-kernels

So I did that, did a system update, rebooted, and it booted fine.

Not sure how /etc/kernel/cmdline resume=UUID value got corrupted in the first place but, if you have the same problem at least this is a fix.

For the googlers looking for this solution: EndeavourOS won’t boot, running start job for UUID that does not exist.

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Seems to be the same error:
Thank you :kissing_heart:

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