Live USB not starting (NVIDIA, endeavouros-2019.09.15-x86_64.iso)

seems to be an issue with this specific display?

yes with my old tft i think so, but i want do use the new one…

i dont have the issues mention in the thread, all works fine in windows

have i the chance to set a another mode in the bootloader?

So I have a few questions. You say you have no trouble installing Arch. So have you been able to install Arch then with this 144Hz monitor and have it working?
Secondly, you have an Intel I7 6700k which has onboard HD Graphics. Do you have the UEFI BIOS set to use only the Nvidia graphics adapter. In other words it’s not set to IGP and then switching over to the Nvidia because that’s the one the monitors connected to. It does make a difference as I have dual boot Windows 10 with a GTX1060 and I have mine set to use the Nvidia only. Otherwise it does this switching thing when it’s loading. Also i want to get this straight. You are able to boot on the ISO but as soon as you press enter on the first boot menu item it crashes. Just black screen? Nothing on the screen? The final thing I wanted to ask have you tried using the internal graphics and hook the 144Hz monitor up to that output and tried to install the ISO instead of hooking it to the Nvidia card? It may pick up a different refresh rate and resolution than what the Nvidia card does. Maybe you get it installed and then go from there.

Your questions bring me to my very idea.
In the end, the GTX1070 is supposed to run in a virtual machine with GPU passthrough …

I connected the monitor to the IGPU via DVI and it works!
Except the one too high resolution is set and the picture is very blurred.

Is it possible to limit the resolution for X and for the console?

(Translated with the Google translator;) )

I am not really well versed in setting this up and I’m not sure if i totally understand how you are connecting your monitors. Are you using both monitors or just the 144Hz monitor? I assume you are using Xfce desktop. The settings for display are under start menu, settings, display, advanced. Here is some info from the Arch Wiki.

I would read through the information starting from the top of the page. Wish i could be of more help. :wink:

I use the 144Hz model only.

Are the settings in Xfce are persistent? and what about the console?

I know the wiki from Xrandr, but nothing stands about a unwanted resolution only for a undetected…

Big thank for your help!

I read somewhere about the settings not being persistent maybe? There is also something regarding the Nividia settings and setting it to 143Hz? Can’t remember where i read this? I think the answer is somewhere here. But they are running KDE.