Live ubs is stuck in "A start job is runing for"

I’m triying to install endevouros in my computer, but the live usb is stucked on A start job is runing for…

How can I solve this?

How did you create the live usb?

Did you disable Secure Boot from BIOS?
Did you disable Fast boot from Windows?

I’ve got Secure Boot disable, and I burned the Usb using Gnome Disk.

I don’t know if Gnome Disk does it the right way, but the link should include some reliable ways to burn the drive. Personally I always use dd since it always works (unless the stick itself fails).
If you have another machine you can try to boot with the usb drive, that might show if the drive is OK or not.

BTW, the Fast boot in Windows may cause problems as well, did you check that?

gnome-disk-utility should be able to write the image to usb… i used it many times without issue… but the output looks like an issue related to the USB drive or port…

I would go to try another usb port and if this is not working giving similar error try to clear the pendrive using gnome-disk-utility if you want that…



This can take a while depending on specs…

And rewrite the ISO after you unplugged and plugged back the pendrive.
And make sure to check sha512sum for the ISO file used:
sha512sum -c Endeavouros_Cassini_Nova-03-2023_R3.iso.sha512sum (needs the sha512sum file and the ISO in same path where you run the command)

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