Live sync of /home/username to onedrive folder /eos/home/username


Sync /home/username
Onedrive folder called eos_home_username

I already installed onedrive linux client, the gui version and its tray app.
So far I am doing dry run uploads only, and I can see the log of the dry runs.
I set in the syn_list the eos_home_username

However, after the syc, as per the log, sync is excluding everything but a directory callled eos_home_username

What I want to do, is sync all the content (less hidden files) of the /home/username to a folder called eos_home_unsername in the Ondrive

How do I specify which Onedrive folder to sync to?


You have been here for 2 years. Do you expect someone here to help you solve this Onedrive syncing issue?

no problem

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The link above provided a perfectly working solution. Live backup to user data (Documents/Video/Music/Photos) in home directory.

This solution and Timeshift are complementary and protect the user data, and system.

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