Live no internet unable to install

There has to be an issue but we can’t determine anything without log information on hardware.

Awesome - then post the results from Manjaro. Or any of them. We can still see the info. Inxi works in basically everything.

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I didn’t realize Manjaro was loaded on it. Good call!

Edit: It won’t give me what i want to see though as far as the errors i want to see! :wink:

Do you want me to get back into manjaro and run the same commands and show you the results

It would be better to do it from the live ISO because we already know it works on manjaro.

Edit: I need to see the errors and things. Using modprobe on Manjaro isn’t going to help.

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It’s not particularly helpful. It would give us a very small amount of information and a lot of work. What is really needed has been mentioned.


Another thing you could check and see if it is blocked.

rfkill list

You missed inxi -Na

Edit: You only put inxi

ok here is rfkill list

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inxi -Na

This shows me the hardware and whether it has the module loaded or not.

Then you can run the two commands to remove and reload the module. Then post the output for the dmesg command.

Edit: I already know what chip it is i just need to see the info.

Nothing has come back yet

Nothing will show with the modprobe commands unless it gives an error.

Edit: It’s immediate

This command will be immediate along with the dmesg command.

inxi -Na 
sudo dmesg | grep iwl

I’m not getting anything back

Even from

inxi -Na

Nothing at all

That’s really odd. Can you post this one?

cat /usr/lib/modprobe.d/*

You didn’t leave a space betwen cat and the command path.

Edit: One of the problems here is that you don’t have the system installed so it makes it difficult to get the information needed. You won’t get what you need for certain things from the live ISO or another installed system. It has to come from the installed system that isn’t working unfortunately.

So the WiFi also doesn’t work on the live ISO? Even when you ran the modprobe commands? It should remove and reload the module.