Live ISO freezes during installation

During Updating fontconfig configuration, the entire live iso freezes not letting me to do anything. My laptop is also running heavily, so there seems to be some kind of activity. The only thing I can do is force shutdown and try again. I am trying to move away from windows completely, so accessing Windows is not an option. This is probably not a hardware issue because I’ve installed different distros from the past. I am just currently letting it run hoping to see that it just works.

EDIT: Signs of some life detected, the mouse suddenly moved. Granted it only moved a couple of times, but alteast it is alive at some way. Going to wait a little bit longer, maybe it’s just part of the process.

How did you create the live ISO?

I gave up and installed it on offline mode, seems to work pretty fine, recreated the bootable usb using dd to see if something changed, but it still stuck to that specific part. I don’t know what causes this in online mode

Did you try updating the mirrors first on the online install?