Live ISO - Date and Time

I was reinstalling EOS on my 2013 Macbook Air, a laptop I seldomly use so the hardware clock was using November 10 2021, I searched and searched and couldn’t find the XFCE System Settings for Date and Time, it’s typically available in the XFCE Launcher as it’s own Icon, correct? Can anybody confirm if they also have this issue? I wasn’t able to update the mirrors or complete the online install(Certificate errors and errors fetching mirror list due to wrong Date). I corrected it by simply changing the date from the terminal but I am just reporting this in case this is not expected behavior.

I don’t think I have seen such a setting in XFCE - and I have that DE on a LOT of different systems. Never noticed because I set it (or just check it) when installing - or terminal it if required - and the lack was not apparent…

I guess one could check the XFCE site to see if it should exist, but as far as I know this is installed as xfce and xfce-goodies packs from the start…

first thing at first …
DE is mainly using what system is providing… i think you can set timezone inside exfce4 clock plugin:


but to sync time over network it needs to be setup on system-level not DE level:
check if it is enabled to sync time:
systemctl status systemd-timesyncd

as this should be running per default on all installed:

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Gotcha, I mainly use Plasma which does provide for DE level time management. When I return home I’ll boot up the Live ISO again and check out if the systemd-timesyncd is running on boot. Running Linux on a Macbook has its quirks, and I use a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter which is typically another catalyst for issues. I’ll report back how it goes.