Little things the ex-Manjaro user needs to know :D

You need to (so far):

  • Enable cronie (timeshift).
  • You need to enable fstrim.
  • pamac-aur is closest to Mjo pamac.
  • Remember - always backup, there is no safety net (delaying of updates etc…)
  • You are now effectively running Mjo Unstable

If any one spots anything else, add below and I will edit and add to above.


Since ex-M users are use to pamac, and there are like 5 different versions in AUR, I would recommend adding the closest to M’s version, which is ‘pamac-aur.’

Ex- what?


Why not just systemctl enable fstrim.timer ?

$> systemctl status fstrim.timer
● fstrim.timer - Discard unused blocks once a week
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/fstrim.timer; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
     Active: active (waiting) since Wed 2020-07-29 14:02:15 AEST; 1 day 10h ago
    Trigger: Mon 2020-08-03 00:28:40 AEST; 3 days left
   Triggers: ● fstrim.service
       Docs: man:fstrim

fstrim OK, but Timeshift will not run without cronie :wink:

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You are not getting the point my friend, it was automatic in Mjo, not in Eos, which is closer to Arch.

@jonathon - Also without cronie enabled would it run weekly???


I think the point is that you only need cronie for timeshift not fstrim.

Of course. It will run at whatever interval it is set to run in the timer.

If you want it to run at different schedule you can override the timer with whatever you want.

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OK am wrong will edit.

systemd timers don’t rely on cron; It will run weekly, yes.

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I see the following packages installed on a Manjaro machine.
Of course that’s Manjaro Official Repositories, we need to figure out which is what, as I don’t see equivalents for all of them in the AUR.

BTW guys it’s ok to call Manjaro by its name. It’s not an offensive term or something, no need for all that censoring like “the M-word” :smiley:

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@RodneyCK ??? I do not use pamac :smiley:

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pamac-common and pamac-gtk are included in pamac-aur(or pamac-aur-git).
pamac-flatpak-plugin and pamac-snap-plugin have no equivalent in AUR. You need to modify the PKGBUILD for pamac-aur and compile in support.
pamac-cli is called pamac-cli in AUR

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Good to know.

Not 100% accurate. Manjaro unstable is where they build their packages, so there’s a chance of incompatible dependency versions. Arch stable shouldn’t have that issue because they would catch it in their staging and testing.


Just wondering, how many times did you have to rely on timeshift?

Me, once or twice, works well.

That is why I said “effectively”.

why enable cronie to run timeshift? Aren’t all of timeshift’s dependencies imported automatically?

P.S. In Mjr timeshift worked out of the box, thats why I am asking.

On Arch-based distros, services are often installed without being enabled. This gives the administrator the power to decide if they want them enabled or not.

Additionally, cronie is an optional dependency for timeshift so it wouldn’t be installed by installing timeshift.